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Service introduction

1. Production Monitoring Service

Provides ongoing tracking and reporting of production progress.


1. Keep up-to-date on production                2. Reduce risk of order delays



3. View product details before shipment      4. Low-cost pricing


2. Quality control

+ Benefit


1. Check for product conformity             2. Reduce risk of quality issues



3. High-efficiency                                    4. Lower price


+What we do?

- Testing and inspection in factory

+Dimension and tolerance


   +Hot dip galvanize

 - Supervision at site


4. After sales service


+ Fast response

+ Fast repair and warrantee

+ Maintenance relationship

What we can do?

- Warranty equipment as per requirement.

- Checking, repairing, maintenance equipment (Hydro power plant (Francis, Pelton, Kaplan, buld turbine…) pump station (end suction pump, Double suction pump, vertical pump…)

- Translation and Engineer translator


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