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Aurora Manufacturing is a bigest manufacturing in Vietnam with more than 15 factories with high quality control (ISO 9001...) and low costing price. Our product are major in industrial including metal casting, welding, CNC, Hot dip galvanized part....Aurora would like to bring Vietnam manufacturing to End user in all the world with the aim to supply a quality recycled product to the all industry. With many years of experience in the manufacture, quality control, we bring an understanding and commitment to customer needs.


The company has set its goals, to produce a consistent, quality product with excellent customer service – at an economical cost. Aurora is proud to work alongside its customers to develop its materials to improve both the processing characteristics and final mechanical properties of product reaching the end user.

+ Low cost pricing
+ Quality product
+ Delivery on time
How to work with us
Step 01: Send RFQ
Step 02: Aurora find supplier and send offer
Step 03: Confirm order & Payment
Step 04: Manufacturing and shipment
Please contact and send RFQ to:
Phone: + 84 384372727
Adress: Hanoi city, Vietnam.

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